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winter lego renting


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Hello,folks!i am alex! would you like me to tell you about my winter lego renting?great! now let me tell you about the lower price stuff. the lego car chair is… oops! i forgot to tell you when i open and when i close!i am open on saturdays.i am open from 9.52 a.m to 5.50 p.m.i love customers,neighbors,and friends! and i have one question for adam g…WILL YOU HELP ME MAKE MY LEGO STUFF?thank you! now,back to you folks! where was i… oh yeah! the lego car chair is 3.45, the lego spaceship chair is 2.31, and the lego gold chair is 45.55! the lego mini speeder/screwdriver holder is 12.98!rent some of my lego stuff!

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  1. I’m in. We’ll work on them this weekend!

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